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Annual or Monthly Supports Needed

As a 501C3 organization, we rely on the generosity of our donors and contributors. We have an exciting opportunity for you to become an annual partner with us in helping provide the services we offer.

On the left, you will see five (5) different partnership opportunities that offer you a various array of recognition and publicity.  We also are seeking community members to host one or more of our monthly events or become monthly supporters. 


Our mission is to serve those with special needs in our local community.  With that in mind, we provide an accurate source of information and networking for anyone and everyone who comes to us for help.  The core of our services is to provide monthly dinners and social events for individuals with special needs and their families to help build relationships, quality of life and share community.  We also provide clothing, food, and funds to families where a family member with special needs is in crisis and needs are not being met in conventional ways.